How Will You Celebrate?!

Today is International Women’s Day! How will you celebrate? There are soooo many phenomenal women on the planet. Find one (I know, It’s hard to decide on just one) and celebrate her with This is my 50! We would love to meet her!

So log on to and tell us all about her and why she is phenomenal to you. She may be reading so let her know how phenomenal you feel she is!

Happy International Women’s Day!

How do you 50?

2 thoughts on “How Will You Celebrate?!”

  1. I would like to celebrate all women, but especially my sister Aleem who struggles with many health issues but continues to be active. She regularly attends church and many other meetings and activities. She volunteers as a Al-Anon spokes person and is now taking a class at her church for prison ministry. She is an inspirational and phenomenal women.
    I celebrate my friends for over 40 years, Kathy, Cynthia, Caryl, Debra and Veronica. I celebrate recent friends, Lucy and Norma and Sharron. Also my wonderful sister in law. Bernadette and my niece Mika. I’m blessed to have them in my life as I turn 65 this month.
    Love, Peace and Happiness to all Women.
    Much love

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