Oprah Said What?!

I am sure most of you have heard by now at least a snapshot of Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring and empowering words regarding the slew of sexual harassment cases that have overtaken the media in the past several months.

So, when I listened to what Oprah said, I thought to myself, “yes Oprah, that’s right say it girl”! Over the next few days following Oprah’s speech there were people actually trying to convince us that the speech Oprah gave was in fact Oprah at the very beginning stages of her presidential campaign! What!? Really!

Why can’t Oprah’s speech be just what it was, which was empowering, encouraging and inspiring! A way to let all of the victims out there know that we care about their pain! Why does her speech have to be a political move? Why does everything have to be a planned and carefully calculated political move! (Yes, I do realize that I am using an exclamation point at the end of almost every sentence).

Thank you Oprah Winfrey for genuinely caring and not being afraid to show it! Thank you Oprah for speaking to all of those who are suffering as a result of sexual harassment they endured! I pray not another person ever has to endure the sheer ugliness and pain of sexual harassment ever again! No, I am not running for president people!

How do you 50?!



Why is now the time?

What is it about turning 50 that makes some of us want to do something different? Why is it all of sudden “oh no, this needs to get done before it’s to late”! Why is now the time?

If you really think about it, It isn’t to late. 50 can really be the beginning! Yes, I  did say the beginning.

Ok,  here’s why. For a lot of us, once 50 arrives we have become wiser (hopefully!!), financially secure (truly hopefully!!) and independent. For the purposes of this post independent is equal to living in a space that you alone or with your spouse or significant other are financially responsible for (unless your parent is the Queen or King of “Where-ever-land” you get a free pass).

At this point, for a lot of us, if we have children they are 18 or over and doing their own thing. I understand there might be some exceptions to this. However, for the most part you are free to engage your dreams. The only person you should need to get permission from is YOU! Hence, a fresh new beginning!

My new beginnings (yes, you are allowed more than one new beginning) are learning to play the guitar, learning the new math (in case you have not noticed there is this new strange language that the education crowds are calling “math”), traveling to new places. and making better food choices. Most of all one of my new beginnings is to take 50 in and enjoy it to the fullest!!

So, I can’t wait to hear what your new beginnings will be! Please stop by the site at thisismy50.com and leave a comment or send your comment in  an email to howdoyou50@gmail.com. I will post the top 10 on the site in February.

How do you 50?


New and Fresh

While “This is my 50” goes through an exciting transformation, please stop by the site at thisismy50.com or send an email to howdoyou50@gmail.com and share what you would like to see. Hearing from you would be fantastic! Your thoughts and ideas will be thoroughly reviewed and 31 of you will be highlighted as guest contributors to This is my 50 during the month of March 2018!

Looking forward to hearing how do you 50!

How do you 50?


Happy New Year

Saying good-bye to 2017.

2017 was full of ups and downs. I have learned a lot and I am ready to apply what I have learned to 2018. You will see a new and fresh “This is my 50” coming very! I am sooooo excited to show you the new “This is my 50”!

I hope you stop by and let me know what you think of the new “This is my 50”!

So check in daily and leave your comments!

Happy New Year and HELLO 2018!

How do you 50?